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Reese Murphy

Spiritual Guide, Healer, Transition Doula 

Soul Restoration

Reese Murphy has been extensively trained to scan and read the emotional, intuitional, and spiritual bodies to determine specific energetic shamanic healing protocols. She empowers each client to see for themselves where core issues originate. Then she supports them with her insights to energetically dissolve obsolete self-perceptions and dis-empowering belief systems. 

  • Clears unspoken agreements with self and others

  • Resolves past-life contracts

  • Balances the chakra system/emotional body

  • Realigns the inner intuition to manifest personal goals


  • All prices include NM Sales Tax 

  • $150.00 - 1.5 hours                                        

  • $200.00 - 2.0 hours  

  • $250.00 - 2.5  hours                                  

Soul Restoration Healing with REESE MURPHY, Select Hours

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    Testimonial regarding Reese’s Soul Restoration Healing Session

    “Reese, on my way home a mantra came to me. "I can be aligned with myself now." Then it became "my Self", rather than "myself". Then more came to me later about asking my own soul to embody me more tangibly and completely. I am still in transition. Seeing clearly the dichotomy I have been living with all my life--the self-image of a wounded, messed up personality and the sense of my soul's beauty, clarity and strength as something "out there", to be contacted occasionally, but not as part of my felt sense of identity. The veil is getting thinner now and I believe for many of us it is a call to more fully and consciously embody our souls.”
    ~Sigrid . January 10th, 2020
    Reese's response:
    “Absolutely, my dearest Sigrid. Much love, grace, and compassion as you move through the veils to embody the true essence of your Soul Self. May love keep pouring into your heart as you accept yourself in a new reality. Life is so beautiful when love cascades into the shadow side. Great work…you can transform in any moment. 
    I honor your process.”
    ~Reese . January 10th, 2020