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SPA PACKAGES, Pricing, & Online Booking & Purchase:

Enjoy a "Spa Party" for Two! ... or More! 
(Spa Treatments combined with massage - per person prices)

All therapists are highly trained with a variety of massage modalities to customize your spa experience.

1 hour, 1-1/4 hour, 1-1/2 hour, 1-3/4 hour or 2 hours of integrated bodywork ... HOT STONES INCLUDED: You may choose to enhance your session by including hot river rocks (smooth basalt stones) to warm the bones and soothe the soul, at no extra charge. A hot towel application to feet and face is included. These truly deluxe healing sessions promote deep inner peace and leave you ready to re-enter life with new energy. All sessions are available to small groups, couples and individual clients. Couples and Group sessions include a therapist for each client. If you are interested in a Deeper Dive into your Healing, CLICK HERE to see our options.  

Signature Massage Packages - #1 A-C - Per Person Pricing (Integration of hot stones at no extra charge plus hot towel foot wrap): 

#1A (1 Hr):  $95  

#1B (1-1/4 Hr): $110

#1C (1-1/2 Hr)  $125    

Choose Your Signature Pkg #1A-C:

Taos Mountain Magic  (massage with facial) #2 A-B
A Revitalizing Facial is included in each massage session below. Add hot river rocks for a more magical experience at no extra charge. This is a popular choice for both women and men.

#2A (1-1/4 Hr):   $140 (includes full body massage)

#2B (1-1/2 Hr):  $155 (includes full body massage)

Choose Your Taos Mtn Magic Pkg #2A-B

Enchanted Mesa Massage & Foot Treatments -

A choice of two luxurious spa/massage/foot treatments. All treatments includes a warm mineral foot bath and reflexology applied to your feet, relieving tension and addressing the zones reflecting the conditions of organs and glands. A full-body massage completes the blissful process. 

"Paraffin Pampering" for the hands, can be added to target those with "computer mouse fatigue." Hot stones included at no extra charge.

#3A (1-1/2 Hr):  $150 

#3B (1-3/4 Hr - With Facial): $175     

Choose Your Enchanted Mesa Pkg #3A-B
Enchanted Mesa Mineral Foot Bath, Foot Scrub and Reflexology with Body Massage (hot stones included at no extra charge) #3A-B:  Luxuriate with a mineral foot bath and foot scrub containing essential oils such as lavender, geranium and chamomile. Your feet are then scrubbed and lotioned.  A full-body massage follows with or without hot stones completes the blissful process. #3B includes a Revitalizing Facial.
Enchanted Mesa  "Paraffin Pampering" Mineral Foot Bath, Foot Scrub and Reflexology with Body Massage (hot stones included at no extra charge) #3C-D: Massage geared for our high-tech society which spends long hours at the computer. In addition to your massage and foot treatment, your hands are dipped in warm paraffin which helps to hydrate, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation and joint discomfort. The wax moisturizes skin, leaving  your hands "baby-soft." Extra massage attention is given to the wrists, elbows, shoulders, upper back, neck and scalp. Hot towel foot wrap included. #3D includes a Revitalizing Facial. 
#3C (1-1/2 Hr):  $160
#3D (1-3/4 Hr )- With Facial): $180
Choose Your Enchanted Mesa Pkg #3C-D

Radiant Body Polish - Silk and Satin #4 A-B

Enjoy exfoliation with warm oils and a therapeutic massage which leaves your entire body glowing, feeling like silk and satin! Begin with a lymphatic brushing which aids the body in eliminating toxins from the lymph nodes/system. It further aids in general circulation throughout the body, along with stimulating the endocrine system. Receive full body massage with or without hot stones. In addition, we will dip your hands in paraffin wax ~ a perfect finish to this rejuvenating experience. 

#4A - (1 ½) Hr  $160

#4B  - 1-3/4 Hr (With Facial) $180

Choose Your Radiant Body Polish Pkg #4A-C
Sage Waters Serenity - 

#5A-5C (hot stones included) 

Nurturing Massage combined with Energy work/Vibrational Medicine. Sage Waters Serenity includes the use of hot river rock massage, a hot foot wrap with foot reflexology, application of Tuning Forks, plus serene energy work which may draw from modalities such as Polarity®, Reiki, Chakra balancing, Acupressure, & Trigger Points. Tuning forks will be applied to acu-points and energy centers. The client is cradled with heated river rocks. This unique massage/healing session clears the energy field and promotes deep, inner peace. Find out why "Sage Waters Serenity" is becoming so popular. 
#5A  SW Serenity (1-1/4 Hr):  $110
#5B  SW Serenity (1-1/2 Hr):  $125
#5C  SW Serenity (1-1/2 Hr) (includes
          Revitalizing Facial)   $155 
Choose Your SW Serenity Pkg #5A-C
"The Works!" Total Body Rejuvenation - #6 A-D

The Works! includes a full body hot stone massage with revitalizing facial, radiant body polish (scrub), Mineral Foot Bath, Foot Scrub plus Foot Reflexology. 

#6A  (1-3/4 Hr. "The Works/" plus Foot Bath, 
           Foot Scrub & Reflexology):  $200
#6B  (2 Hrs: "The Works!" plus Mineral Foot Bath, Foot Scrub & Reflexology ): $225

Add Raindrop Therapy to any of the above these selections from the Add-On Menu below.
Choose Your "The Works" Pkg #6A-B
Taos Sage Waters Custom Facial - 7A
We use high quality organic facial products allowing you to fully relax knowing that your skin is being regenerated while your body is safe from any chemicals. Our trained therapists will steam, cleanse, exfoliate, apply hydrating mask, and then drench your skin in vitamin serums and finish with a super moisturizing cream. In addition, you receive a mini massage on your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet.

# 7A (1-hour treatment):  $95.00

Choose Your Custom Facial Add-On #3E or 3F
Reese Murphy
Taos Sage Waters Spa
Owner . Massage Therapist
Spiritual Guide . Healer
hot stone massage
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Spa treatments and energy healing

Body and Soul Restoration

Reese Murphy has been extensively trained to scan and read the emotional, intuitional, and spiritual bodies to determine specific energetic healing protocols. She empowers each client to see for themselves where core issues originate. Then she supports them with her insights to energetically dissolve obsolete self-perceptions and dis-empowering belief systems. 

This session is combined with therapeutic touch, hot stones, crystals, and tuning forks which support the body and the soul to more fully integrate this healing modality.

Book YOUR Deeper Dive Healing Session with Reese Murphy:
$125.00   - 60 min  
$150.00  - 90 min
$200.00 - 120 min
Deeper Dive Healing with REESE MURPHY, Select Hours

Heart Flame Healing

For Harmony, Health, Wholeness & Higher Truth

Laurian can facilitate Ease and Grace for those in all kinds of transition or transformation. She offers High frequency Cosmic Light for energetic clearing, healing, and harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional and soul to Master Energy through being heart - centered. This will expand your capacity to express unconditional love for all.

Session includes Reiki energy, spiritual mentoring, and using Cosmic Sacred Flames to bring Harmony/Balance and Clarity to your life. Bodywork may be added on if requested.

Book YOUR Deeper Heart Flame Healing Session with Laurian:
$125.00   - 60 min 
$150.00  - 90 min
$200.00 - 120 min

Deeper Dive Healing with REESE MURPHY, Select Hours
Taos Sage Waters Custom Add-Ons:

# 8A Add-on Infrared Sauna - 30 min         $10
# 8B Add-On Mini Facial         - 30min          $50
# 8C Add-On Paraffin Hand Wax.                  $15
Choose Your Custom Add-On: #8A-#8E
Raindrop Therapy:
Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines unique, targeted massage and energy approaches with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. The technique, developed by Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony—physically, mentally, and emotionally.
# 8D Add-On Raindrop Aroma Therapy Full Treatment  $40
# 8E Add-On Raindrop Aroma Therapy ~ Feet Only        $20

Treatment Definitions and Benefits

Acupressure:  Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique involving the application of fingers, hands, or elbows to acu-points (acupressure points on the body.)
Aromatherapy:  Aromatic liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees and plants; combined with massage oils to enhance the therapeutic effect. 
Benefits of Massage:  relieves fatigue, stress, tension, and soreness. Reduces blood pressure & anxiety. Increases movement of joints. Improves digestion, assimilation and elimination. Improves circulation and nutritive status of skin. Releases endorphins (body’s natural  pain killers). Calms the nervous system. Hastens healing on many levels. Improves immune function. Aids in detoxification.  Enhances sleep quality.  Increases “happy hormones”.  Lessens depression. Decreases frequency of migraines. Helps attain state of bliss. 25 Reasons to Get a Massage Article.
Chakra Balancing: Energizing and balancing of the energy centers, or, “chakras”. The major chakras are located along the midline, or, spine, with minor chakras located in the joints & other areas.  
CranioSacral: gentle bodywork which releases tensions and blockages of the cerebrospinal fluid within the Central Nervous System. Massage is included.
Healing Touch: Gentle energetic approach which balances the chakras and the energy field. 
Hot Stone Treatment:  A nurturing, divine massage integration of smooth, heated river rock (basalt stones) into the massage session.  Enhances relaxation,  significantly reduces stress, stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles,  promotes peacefulness.  “icing to the cake”.  Highly recommended addition to most bodywork sessions. 
Paraffin Wax Therapy for Hands:  Client dips hands into a comforting paraffin bath. The hands are wrapped then in plastic and mitts to retain the moisturizing and heat transfer.  This treatment is known for pain relief of arthritis.  It is highly beneficial for nurturing of very dry skin.  
Polarity Therapy: Gentle holistic system which assists the balancing of the body-mind-spirit; developed by Dr. Randolf Stone. Polarity addresses the elements of earth,  fire, water, air and ether. 

Reiki: Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that channels healing life force to areas which need attention. 

Reservations, Payments & Cancellation Policy: 

Reservations for sessions should be secured by calling Reese to schedule a time and providing credit card data (575.758.4634). Advance payment for bodywork sessions may be made using your Credit Card or PayPal account by clicking the secure Paypal link (Add to Cart) and completing the transaction. If advance payment is made, you may either call or email Reese to schedule your time. Payment can also be made at the time service is rendered with cash, check or credit card. Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to your appointment.