Take a Deeper Dive into Your Healing Process

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If you are interested in a deeper dive … Come visit 
Taos Sage Waters Restoration Sanctuary

The collective of practitioners at Taos Sage Waters Restoration Sanctuary embody a broad wealth of knowledge about alternative healing modalities. Physically we require touch, emotionally we need to be heard, and spiritually our soul yearns to find its purpose. 

Inherently, most of us know that we are spiritual beings in sacred earthen vessels. Sometimes external incidents or shocking events can cause us to shift our perception of ourselves and those around us, perhaps even distorting our personal truth. Therefore, taking the time to redefine misconceptions we have collected throughout our lifetime is essential. 

Do you ever find yourself bored with the monotony of the same routines? Yet at the same time you know there has to be more to life than what is being shown to us through the media. Possibly sensing a desire to be more fully engaged? 

These are signs that this is the moment to pay attention to the voice within and trust yourself.

Reese and Deborah are ready to assess your current situation and design a one-day or multiple-day program to clear, heal and balance your internal landscape. Concurrently, they will support you to remember who you are and why you came to Earth during this period of time.

Call to set an appointment for a free consultation: 575-758-4634 or Email your questions and they will answer them. 


Reese Murphy has been extensively trained to scan and read the emotional, intuitional, and spiritual bodies to determine specific energetic healing protocols. She empowers each client to see for themselves where core issues originate. Then she supports them with her insights to energetically dissolve obsolete self-perceptions and dis-empowering belief systems. 
  • Clearing unspoken agreements with self and others
  • Resolving past-life contracts
  • Removing obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want
  • Balancing the chakra system/emotional body
  • Realigning the inner intuition to manifest personal goals
These sessions can be done in person or over the phone and last 1 hour or longer, if needed. 
Book YOUR Deeper Dive Healing Session with Reese Murphy using a variety of alternative healing techniques.  
1 hour $100.00 or
 1-1/4 hour $125.00 or 1 1/2 hour $150
Deeper Dive Healing with REESE MURPHY, Select Hours
Reese Murphy, Massage Therapist and Alternative Healer

Take a Deeper Dive 

with Laurian Lucretia's

Heart Flame 

Spiritual Transformational Activation

Heart Flame Spiritual Transformation

Laurian is a Spiritual Facilitator who empowers the transformational process to move from an ego/fear-based life into a natural state of of  Pure Love. 

My specialty is helping people in transition move on with ease and grace to their next step in life - whether moving to a new location, changing careers, or flowing through losses, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, or new relationships. 

My passion is to help those who desire to create transformation in their life and facilitate a deepening of their relationship with the Pure Love/Light within their hearts. 

This Spiritual Transformational Activation is done through energy healing and body work to magnify the heart flame within, and to dialog to create ways to deepen the relationship to Higher Self to create transformation.  Mentoring is offered to share spiritual wisdom and universal laws to transform into more light to know the purpose and plan for their lives.   Fee: $100 per hour

Laurian Lucretia, Healer, Yoga Instructor
Spiritual Transformation with