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Spiritual Healing Sessions

If you are interested in a deeper healing experience our qualified team can help you choose one, or a combination of restorative processes that are best suited to meet your individual needs.

The collective of highly skilled healers at Taos Sage Waters Restoration Sanctuary embody a broad wealth of knowledge about metaphysical healing modalities.

We are ready to assess healing options that will support you to clear, heal and balance your internal landscape. Call to set an appointment: 575-758-4634

Body and Soul Restoration

Reese Murphy has been extensively trained to scan and read the emotional, intuitional, and spiritual bodies to determine specific energetic healing protocols. She empowers each client to see for themselves where core issues originate. Then she supports them with her insights to energetically dissolve obsolete self-perceptions and dis-empowering belief systems. 

  • Clears unspoken agreements with self and others
  • Resolves past-life contracts
  • Balances the chakra system/emotional body
  • Realigns the inner intuition to manifest personal goals

This session is combined with therapeutic touch, hot stones, crystals, and tuning forks which support the body and the soul to more fully integrate this healing modality.

Book YOUR Body and Soul Healing with Reese Murphy:

  • $125.00 - 60 min 
  • $150.00 - 90 min
  • $200.00 - 120 min
  • Spiritual healing Sessions with REESE MURPHY, Select Hours

    Testimonial regarding Reese’s Body and Soul Restoration Healing Session

    “Reese, on my way home a mantra came to me. "I can be aligned with myself now." Then it became "my Self", rather than "myself". Then more came to me later about asking my own soul to embody me more tangibly and completely. I am still in transition. Seeing clearly the dichotomy I have been living with all my life--the self-image of a wounded, messed up personality and the sense of my soul's beauty, clarity and strength as something "out there", to be contacted occasionally, but not as part of my felt sense of identity. The veil is getting thinner now and I believe for many of us it is a call to more fully and consciously embody our souls.”
    ~Sigrid . January 10th, 2020

    “Absolutely, my dearest Sigrid. Much love, grace, and compassion as you move through the veils into embody the true essence of your soul self. May love keep pouring into your heart as you accept loving yourself as a reality. Life is so beautiful when self-love cascades into the shadow side of self and shines the light. Great work…you can transform in any moment. 
    I honor your process.”
    ~Reese . January 10th, 2020

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    Kwan Yin Healing Energy
    Sage Waters Serenity - #5A-5C  
    (hot stones included) 
    Nurturing Massage combined with Energy work/Vibrational Medicine. Sage Waters Serenity includes the use of hot river rock massage, a hot foot wrap with foot reflexology, application of Tuning Forks, plus serene energy work which may draw from modalities such as Polarity®, Reiki, Chakra balancing, Acupressure, & Trigger Points. Tuning forks will be applied to acu-points and energy centers. The client is cradled with heated river rocks. This unique massage/healing session clears the energy field and promotes deep, inner peace. Find out why "Sage Waters Serenity" is becoming so popular. 
    #5A  SW Serenity (1-1/4 Hr):  $110
    #5B  SW Serenity (1-1/2 Hr):  $125
    #5C  SW Serenity (1-1/2 Hr) (includes
              Revitalizing Facial)   $155 
    Choose Your SW Serenity Pkg #5A-C

    Raindrop Aroma Therapy Hot Towel Infusion 

    Young Living’s proprietary Raindrop Technique® developed by Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, draws from his experience with Native American wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of nurturing harmony—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    This Session combines unique targeted massage and the added luxury of warmed towels that assist to infuse the pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. Includes gentle Hot Stone Massage.

    # A (1-1/4 Hr): $145 

    # B (1-1/2 Hr): $160

    Raindrop Aromatherapy Hot Towel Infusion
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