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Meme: Get your daily does of healthy susshine
You are the light Buddha Doodles
That which is false troubles the heart. That which is truth brings joyous tranquility
May you have the courage to break the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you.
dancing, laughing, loving, life is for living. I choose joy. sandy penny
Breathe it in: from my head to my toes, I am a solar-powered conduit of divine energy. sandy penny
Thoughts have energy. Make Sure your thoughts are positive & Powerful
Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.
We are All One. Buddha Doodles
F. Scott Fitzgerald, it's never too late t be whoever you want to be.
Revel in the Light for it is your true home! SoulCandy
Travel light, love light, spread the light, be the light.
Self Reminder: love yourself. take care of yourself. happiness is a priority
The time has come to open yourself to receive the abundance of all the blessings that are manifesting n your life.
The power of creation lies completely in the present moment.
Gratitude attracts blessings

Laugh every chance you get. Laughter is sure to break the bonds of negativity
may be lurking about. ~JamesVanPraagh

James Van Praagh - see yourself in a new light
Meme: mother nature has the best box of crayons
Deepak Chopra meme, life's a dream
Deepak chopra meme: Stop thinking of mind and body separately
Ralph Waldo Emerson Day by Day
figure out what lights your fire and chase the match
body mind spirit meme
If you release the old, something new can bloom meme
It's a new day and I'm feeling good meme
gratitude meme
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote
encourage one another meme
Embrace the light photo
Life is better with flowers between your toes
A beautiful day photo
Love is kindness and generosity meme
I trust my inner wisdom
Relax in beauty image
Heal your life meme
To have joy, you must bring joy to others, Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu
Break free, break out, break through
Henry David Thoreau quote from Walden
Rumi quote: I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.
Henry david thoreau quote
Shine like the whole universe is yours. Rumi
Thich Nhat Hanh quote on mind and path
Rumi: when you dance, the whole universe dances
Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
You are all the notes in a celestial symphony
Abundance in all things is available to you, abraham-hicks
healthy, wealthy, wise: abraham-hicks
Louise Hay affirmation
be at peace now, eckhart tolle quote
no goodbyes because we don't die
Let today be the start of something new
believe in your own magic meme
to do list: dream, love, feel free, relax, be happy
I am grateful
sharing the love cartoon
Angel pic, every day in every way, life gets better
Every single soul blossoms in its own time and in it own way
always believe something amazing is about to happen
Talk about your blessings more than your problems
Barbara Marx Hubbard Quote on Evolution
Abraham/Hicks quote on denial
Surround yourself with those who see greatness in you, even when you don't see it in yourself.
Buddha Doodles: Enjoy life one slice at a time.
Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.
Buddha Doodles, Love helps carry you through.
Buddha Doodles - Trust.
I am aware that I am rare.
James Van Praagh - There is no advantage to feeling guilty.
Louise Hay - Every experience is a success.
Gary Zukav - you cannot find your soul with your mind, you must look with  your heart meme.
Neale Donald Walsch - sometimes god speaks to us through the beauty of the world around us.
James Van Praagh: Follow your intuition.
Today I choose Joy, Abraham-EstherHicks, joy and fear
Buddha Doodles, expanse on the other side.
Joseph Campbell, buddha doodles, universe creation
James Van Praagh on Prayer and Gratitude
James Van Praagh on prayers of healing
attention and experience by Esther Hicks-Abraham
Leap of Faith Meme - make the jump
My body is revitalized, restored and rejuvenated.
Neale Donald Walsch - You cannot push the river
Love Your Self - Inspiration