Taos Sage Waters 

Healing Sessions

Sessions over the phone, In-person or over Zoom

Soul Restoration

Reese Murphy, has been extensively trained to scan and read the emotional, intuitional, and spiritual bodies to determine specific energetic healing protocols. She empowers each client to see for themselves where core issues originate. Then she supports them with her insights to energetically dissolve obsolete self-perceptions and dis-empowering belief systems. 

Stay in the Tiny Temple

1-2 Days


Imagine spending 1-2 days being fully cared for in the peaceful setting of Taos, New Mexico. Meditation, yoga, hiking, various healing sessions, private time to relax and heal your inner world. 

End of Life Ceremonies

Transition Doula

We have doulas for mothers in the birth process and there are doulas for the transition of the Soul into the next realm.

Many of us fear death and therefore never consider having a ceremony to honor our life before we consciously leave.

Reese can provide individuals the support needed to leave the body and journey onward as a Soul with joy, dignity, and grace.

Session Options

What’s included

If you are interested in a deeper healing experience, Reese will support you to choose a healing modality, or a combination of restorative processes that are best suited to meet your individual needs.  Email your questions.

Soul Restoration

  • Clears unspoken agreements with self and others

  • Resolves past-life contracts

  • Balances the chakra system and emotional body

  • Realigns the inner intuition to manifest personal goals

Between $100-$200 

Tiny Temple  Stay

 After an initial conversation with you, Reese will design a unique healing package. You will stay at the tiny temple, have sessions during the day and light meals will be provided. 

To be determined

Transition Dula ~ End of Life Ceremony

If you live in New Mexico or Colorado, Reese can come to your home and or place of hospice to design a ceremony with friends and family that honor your wishes and celebrate your life.  Reese is a shaman/priestess healer. She is not a hospice nurse or caregiver. 

Call 575-758-4634 or Email

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