Left to right: Top: Deborah Curtis, Laurian Lucretia, Brenda Archuletta, Reese, Bottom: Ana Chavez, Ana Beluche

TSW Therapists

Taos Sage Waters Spa is a restoration sanctuary for both the body and the soul. All our therapists have over twenty years of experience and offer stellar therapeutic massage as well as delightful spa treatments. We offer a wide array of services from hot stone massage to custom facials and from body scrubs to energy healing. 

We are located north of Taos in the adjacent area called El Prado. 

We opened our doors  in May of 2017. We invite you to call and set up a session today. 

Like many Pioneer Spirits drawn to the Taos area, Reese Murphy and Deborah Curtis co-owners of Taos Sage Waters Spa, were drawn to the oceanic sage and golden chamisa extending from the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. 

Reese and Deborah have provided transformational spa treatments for over thirty years, and Taos Sage Waters Spa has always been known for its quality, compassion and skill. Together with the support of other excellent massage therapists, they offer a wealth of expertise in their combined integrated modalities, providing each client a truly healing, transformative and uplifting experience. 

The Taos Magnet

After visiting Taos for 20 years Reese felt that she belonged here and moved initially with the intention to write her novel series. Now with two novels published and more on the way, her healing practice is still a priority. 

As for Deborah, she has resided in Taos for the past 30 years and will never leave this place she calls her home.

Both Reese and Deborah feel the magic of the culture, the arts, the music, the skies, the light, the mountains, the holistic community, and the silent whispers are embedded within. The shared spirit, both spoken and unspoken, is celebrated by all with ongoing gratefulness for being here.  

Reese and Deborah extend a warm welcome to all those who are drawn to they mystery of Taos,  a heart-centered, experience when you visit their Restoration Sanctuary.

Reese Murphy
Owner / Massage Therapist
Spiritual Guide & Healer

Deborah Curtis, M.A, LMT #1251

has been a Transformational Body Worker and Personal Growth Educator and Ceremonialist for over thirty years.  She combines training and experience from both ancient and modern traditions.  Her focus has been in Tibetan Etheric Bodywork, Massage, and many energetic healing forms.  She has studied  and been granted the honor of  practicing traditional shamanic and spiritual healing ceremonies as taught by  Indigenous Elders of North, Central and South America. She  holds a Masters in Transformational Counseling with a certification in Eco Psychology.  Her deepest desire is to support others in restoring their relationship  to Self, Community and the Earth.
Laurian Lucretia 

Laurian Lucretia has been a massage therapist since 1983 and, a RN (now retired). She is a certified Kripalu Yoga and Dru Yoga teacher, Prenatal Yoga teacher, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.  She has been Tera Mai Reiki Master since 2005, Angelic Reiki Master since 2010, and certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, certified Prenatal Massage Therapist. Her style of massage is a combination of hot stones, Reiki, deep tissue when requested, Swedish, Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, and conscious breath work. Laurian is dedicated to sharing transformational experiences to enhance Love, Empowerment, Peace and Healing.

Ana Chavez 

Ana Chavez is a New Mexican Sobadora, or native healer, by birth, born and raised in the Land of Enchantment. She recognized at an early age that she was a conduit for healing energy and learned the healing traditions from both of her grandmothers. Focusing that energy, Ana investigated traditional forms of healing, studied modern massage, anatomy, and physiology, and received training in polarity therapy, shiatsu, and other healing modalities.

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